Why does Twined ask about things like “Made in the USA,” “BPA Free,” or “Woman Led Business?”

We believe that every product we buy has bigger implications. When we as consumers are aware of the larger implications of our actions (environmental, economic, social, and so on), we are empowered to change the future. Every time a customer buys a product on Twined, they are voting with their dollars, and when we vote for the companies that prioritize our values, those votes result in a better world. The best part is that on Twined we never vote alone. We’re always joining others who support our values. By acting together, we amplify our voices. When companies realize their customers are acting in unison, they’re forced to listen. 

The tastemakers are the focal point of the customer empowerment revolution. By informing and motivating your audience, you can have a profound impact on the future of corporate social responsibility.